Project Description


Director Adjunto, Servicios de Vivienda Vecinal de Waterbury

Cinco palabras sobre mí:

Conector, defensor, creativo, sanador, buscador de liberación.

Una habilidad sorprendente:

Tiene ese toque mágico a la hora de la propagación de plantas

A nonprofit leader with 15+ years experience, Maybeth Morales-Davis is a highly organized and results-driven professional helping to positively impact neglected communities. With a strong passion for social and racial justice in housing, community, and the arts; Maybeth is adamant about working with local, state and national partners to make this world a more equitable place.

When she is not busy with work, you can find Maybeth de-schooling her 2 boys, hitting the trails with her dog, or spending time creating abstract pieces of art.