Facilitators Keep Things Local

Air Certified Facilitators are the heart of the our programs. They provide a personal connection and give participants confidence that they can learn, connect, change and succeed. We invest in your local community by providing more than twenty hours of in-person training for every facilitator – in-depth facilitation, presentation, and coaching skills designed for your success.

Air Facilitators know you have the answers

It is an acquired skill to learn to facilitate without teaching or leading or providing an “answer.” All of our facilitators work hard to master this skill and to share tools with participants so that communities have more people ready to be open for a truly local, collaborative process and creative ecosystem.

Air Facilitators Share these characteristics & values

Inspire change & excellence

Facilitators have qualities that inspire hope. They are optimistic realists with exceptional listening skills and great senses of humor. They are life-long learners who are adaptable, organized improvisers who work and play well with others.

Bring people together

Facilitators have diverse backgrounds and life experiences. They have honed their creative and business experiences. They have strong communication skill and high emotional intelligence.

Walk the talk

Air Facilitators embody the paradigm shift that will help achieve our vision of increasing the value of art and creativity in our communities. They are people who reach across the aisle in their careers, communities, and lives.

Facilitator Training

If you are interested in being a facilitator, reach out to your state contact and read more about the application process and the training.

Air Certified Facilitators