The work of Air Collaborative is a field-tested and iterative, three-step pathway designed to build innovation and economic sustainability. Air methods and processes amplify unique cultures and people to grow diverse, locally-led businesses and enterprises.

Our programs are now being used by many sectors: economic development, emergency management and disaster preparedness, and education.

Step 1: Engage

Assessing local interest and building enthusiasm.

It begins with community outreach, followed by a two-hour workshop to spark understanding and collaboration between creative and business-minded individuals.

Step 2: Shift

Designing beneficial community projects.

In a multi-day, hands-on workshop, Air Certified Facilitators help small teams learn to use collaboration skills, design thinking, and business planning to create small, locally implementable projects.

Step 3: Evolve

Launching new ventures and business expansions.

Participants take a flexible, multi-month, comprehensive business development program designed to transform their passions, interests, and skills into a viable venture, project, or new life path.