Assistant Director of Arts Education at Stuart’s Opera House

Five Words About Me:

Curious, Creative, Songwriter, Producer, Teacher

One Surprising Skill:

I surprised myself by developing a deep love of photography over the last few years.

Adam Remnant has worked as an educator and artist for the past twenty years. With two degrees in education from Ohio University, Adam has created a unique path bridging his passion for music with his passion for education. Adam has written and produced multiple albums of his own music and performed all across the United States and Canada. His love and experience with music inspired him to share the process with younger generations, and he has served as the lead instructor of Stuart’s Opera House Afterschool Music Program and taught music production at Hocking College for the last 8 years. He currently works full-time at Stuart’s Opera House as the Assistant Director of Arts Education. As part of his position, he is excited to be working with Air Collaborative as the state Activator for Ohio to help communities across the state experience the profound impact of the arts.