We’ve all witnessed great, inspiring presentations and speeches. There are a few lucky people who are able to speak off the cuff easily, but most of us need to practice.

Today your team will wow us with a great opening that expresses the vision and outcome of your project. Then you’ll build out the plot with the details of how it all happens. And then you wrap it all up with an inspiring finish that makes us believe that your idea is really going to happen.

As a team, paint a picture that we can truly see in our mind, engage our senses, make us feel your project. And do end with a call to action. Ask us to join you, fund you, or play with you. Whatever makes sense for your project.

You may speak, sing, act, or run the PowerPoint slides. Whatever your participation, try to stretch a little.If you are always a presenter, try helping with the materials and coach others to speak.

Key Competencies

  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Access Between Community & Creatives
  • Interactive Arts Experiences
  • Creative Thinking
  • Using Technology
  • Mentoring

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