All of us want be more creative—on command. Sometimes we forget that creativity comes in many forms and disguises. The inspirational burst is very different from the iterative refinement process. Scientists and researchers are learning that being creative is not relegated to one side of our brain—right-brained versus left-brained is no longer a safe way to describe creativity.

Some of us certainly spend more time dreaming, scheming, and imagining. And others find that they can help someone else express an idea through structured refinements. The key is to give ourselves the freedom to turn off our inner critic and share crazy ideas that may lead to a brilliant innovation. And then to turn our inner critic back on and turn that crazy idea into real action.

We think that having creativity at the table, no matter the situation, can help provide an additional dimension that adds value.

Key Competencies

  • Creative Thinking
  • Access Between Community & Creatives
  • Design Thinking
  • Interactive Arts Experiences & Exposure
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Paradigm Shift
  • Project Design, Planning & Management

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