Executive Director, Greater Jackson Arts Council Art & Cultural Agency in the City

Five Words About Me:


One Surprising Skill:

I have been curating a contextual system of rising strategies that enables users to trace relationships and interdependencies between issues, supporting more informed decision-making in communities of color in Mississippi.

Silbrina is a facilitative leader that is highly knowledgeable of impact on patients, the middle-class workforce, and economic development in underserved communities. She has twenty (20) years of experience within the industry, formerly working for the U.S. Federal Government, Big Pharma and Small Biotech Companies. A creative social activist Silbrina Wright made history in December 2020 when she became the first African American executive director of the Greater Jackson Arts Council. She oversees this 41-year-old state-wide arts and culture agency in its mission to be a catalyst for Mississippi’s arts and creativity.

Silbrina believes the arts are vital because they facilitate dialogue among individuals of different walks of life and cultural backgrounds by providing opportunities for awareness, connection, and discussion. She finds tremendous satisfaction in steering artists and creatives toward solutions that motivate the local community to have the greatest possible impact. As the first NexGen woman of color to hold the position of executive director at the Mississippi Conference of Black Mayors, Silbrina Wright oversaw a reorganization that promoted creative solutions for economic growth, community revitalization, and tourism in 89 black-led communities across Mississippi from 2013-2018. To be effective in community, she is one of those people who requires a mission to be linked to her passion for humanity.

Her role as the program director for the Bennie G. Thompson Delta Leadership Initiative at Tougaloo College’s Reuben V. Anderson Center allows her to reach more into the local community she loves in the Mississippi Delta. Silbrina is a seasoned fundraiser and leader across nonprofit, government, and private sectors, she studied business administration at Belhaven University.