Project Description


Director, Se espera agua limpia en el este de Tennessee, organizador de base

Cinco palabras sobre mí:

Altruista, artista, activista, de base, organizadora

Una habilidad sorprendente:

Sé cómo construir hornos en el bosque que hacen de todo, desde pizza hasta pasteles.

Deborah Bahr is a lifelong teacher and student. She is a women and youth advocate, artist, mother and activist. She values cooperation over competition and inclusion over exclusion, believing that civil society is judged by the way it treats the least amongst them. She leads a purpose-driven life and knows that art heals. She incorporates art into every aspect of her work.

Deborah is currently the Director of CWEET (Clean Water Expected in East Tennessee) and co-chair of CEDNET (Community Economic Development Network of East Tennessee). The founding members of CWEET are a handful of the youth Deborah has worked with who returned home to Appalachia after their education and work experience led them back to their origins. Deborah now has decades of experience and success creating healthy, natural, diverse social and thriving economic environments by employing the tactics of constructive communication, support, education, organization, and creative art outlets.