Artist and Director of the Johnson County Center for the Arts

Five Words About Me:

Resilient, creative, growing, nurturing, Appalachian

One Surprising Skill:

I can make some good biscuits from scratch

Cristy is an Artist, a Teacher, and Director of Johnson County Center for the Arts. Her paintings and murals tell the stories of Makers and of the power of the Arts to uplift the human spirit. Through her work, Cristy has brought to life the nearly forgotten story of her hometown’s unique musical heritage and sparked a cultural revival. Cristy is co-founder ofthe Long Journey Home Festival, Johnson County’s Heritage Arts and Music Celebration and co-creator and Director of Johnson County Center for the Arts, which serves as the hub of her local art community with classes, coffee talks, and a gallery space where more than forty local artisans now show and sell their wares. Cristy has 12 years experience teaching Math and Art in rural East Tennessee’s public schools. She is passionate about inclusion for people of differing abilities and the Arts as a resource to counter adversity.