Education Director, The Warner Theatre

Five Words About Me:

Honest, interested in everything, colorful, gardener, artist

One Surprising Skill:

Making prop food that looks real

Eve Wolftrand is the Education Director at the Warner Theatre in Torrington, CT. She graduated from SUNY Oswego in 2009 with a BFA in Fine Arts and has been teaching at the Warner since 2013. She got her start working on productions making a climbable web for Charlotte’s Web and has continued as a teacher, scenic artist, and education administrator ever since. Eve’s teaching career began as a paraprofessional, working with all kinds of students with special needs, ages ranging from 3-21. Eve’s favorite part of her work is forging relationships with students and families and watching them grow. Eve’s core beliefs center on art and expression being essential to personal growth and creating community, and she’s dedicated to making the Warner a place where students are encouraged to be their authentic selves with the support of staff and mentors that treat them with respect while teaching them new skills and meeting them where they are.