Founder/CEO Pryme Solutions

Five Words About Me:

Strategic, Significance, Relator, Futuristic, Competition

One Surprising Skill:

I speak German and know many traditional German dances

LaShawndra Vernon is a creative entrepreneur. She has over 20 years of experience in public administration & service. Her work is focused on developing programs with an equity lens. LaShawndra is a mediator with practical experience translating United Nations treaties and sustainability goals to local policy. She’s implemented several peer mediation programs to prevent violence. She serves as a convener building consensus towards improving community conditions. LaShawndra is a Collective Impact practitioner and credits her community building work to studying Asset Based Community Development early in her career. She has an extensive background in public health research, and community engagement. LaShawndra is a proud Public Allies Milwaukee Alum, class of 2001. LaShawndra is also a performing artist practicing under the name Firey Phoenix.