Graphic Design & Marketing

Five Words About Me:

Curious, willful, concise, spontaneous, advocate

One Surprising Skill:

I have curated a specific collection of LEGO bricks throughout the entirety of my life that I always turn to when feeling uninspired or creatively lacking! All it takes is a few minutes to an hour with these pieces to remove any kind of thought barrier I may be stuck in.

I’m a graphic designer and marketing strategist based in the Central Texas area! I thoroughly enjoy networking with people and helping them share their unique stories with others in their community. I have spent close to two decades studying and performing music in various capacities, which has led me to meet an amazing variety of people in several unique spaces across the country. My rampant interest in the arts has always been at the forefront of my work, and has most recently led me to working with Air Collaborative in order to preserve and nurture the impact that the arts can have on building any thriving environment, as well as honoring and learning about the multitude of business strategies that can supercharge the creative economy as a whole! I never tire of exploring both nature and the concrete jungle, trying the newest sweet treats that I can find, or getting lost in a new magazine or other short read.