Artist and Art Educator

Five Words About Me:

Idealistic, innovative, methodical, philanthropic, supportive

One Surprising Skill:

I am the hiccup guru… I can cure anyones hiccups in a moment

I am a loving, generous woman and a creative problem solver. I see the world through an auspicious lens and practice gratitude daily. I seek to be innovative through growing my mind daily, and making healthy choices. I encourage and elevate my friends and use my time and resources to support my family, which includes my daughter, her husband and two grandchildren. I am an artist, a lifetime learner, and an avid art collector, especially when there’s a familiar story to the artwork. I collect stories and create art that reflect the past, present and future of individuals in order to value and affirm them as an educational practice.

I am from Mt Gilead, Ohio, and have been a zealous art educator for over 20 years, and love to support students in finding their purpose and this training will provide tools to forward this notion.