Owner of Magnacon 7 Enterprises -Creative Consultant

Five Words About Me:

Resourceful, perceptive, visionary, enthusiastic, honest

One Surprising Skill:

Has been a photographer for over 20 years

Razul Branch is an artistic, cultural, social innovator and lightning rod for some of the creative movement in Bridgeport, CT. Born in Stamford, CT but spending the bulk of his years in Bridgeport, Razul always knew somehow he wanted to help change the world starting with his own. Since 2009 Razul has been bringing the arts, business and community scenes together with his strong influences from his travels around the country and parts of the planet, as well as his own creative lens of seeing the world through his eyes.

His expertise revolve in the worlds of community development & outreach, social media, brand identity design, creative consulting, content creation, print collateral and executive production. Razul Branch is the founder of Magnacon 7 Enterprises & BPT Creates, a culturally driven event design and creative thinking & consulting firm based in Bridgeport, CT. In addition, Razul Branch serves as the executive director of theBridgeport Arts & Cultural Council. Razul also went on to createI Luv Bridgeport, a social movement created and dedicated to uniting the citizens & supporters of his city.