Project Description


Gerente de Operaciones, Museo Infantil KidsPlay

Cinco palabras sobre mí:

Amable, creativa, amante de los animales, empática, entusiasta de la naturaleza.

Una habilidad sorprendente:

Puede escribir una imagen especular hacia atrás casi tan bien como hacia adelante

Bethany Frasco has 10+ years of experience in the non-profit museum field primarily focused on creating the best visitor experiences possible. Currently as the Operations Manager for KidsPlay Children’s Museumin Torrington, CT it is their mission to provide children with an environment that fosters imagination and creativity through interactive exhibits and play that will deepen their appreciation and understanding of the sciences, the arts and the world around them.

Bethany loves to listen, especially to the small details, believing the more you listen and absorb, the more you can find common threads amongst people. Once you are able to find the commonalities, you find what inspires people, what they are passionate about and how you can relate to them and help them relate to others to reach a common goal.

Bethany grew up on the coast of Maine in a family that encouraged drawing on the walls and playing with your food. Their home was always filled with music, art, books and color. This set the tone for Bethany’s out-of-the box thinking and a creative lifestyle.