Facilitator Training

The AIR Institute provides three day trainings for facilitators for the Shift Workshop and the Evolve Program.

The trainings focus on mastering:

  • Presentation of AIR materials
  • Facilitation of collaborative teams
  • Coaching individuals for future success

AIR programs were designed using adult learning best practices so the workshops are very interactive and focused on doing skill building, rather than listening to talking heads. Facilitators help ensure that the participants practice and gain self efficacy in collaboration, listening, design thinking, and business planning.

The AIR programs use facilitation skills that empower workshop participants to learn by doing with a team. AIR facilitators are trained to not “give the answer” to the teams they are facilitating. Instead, they empower the participants to discover the answer together. Excellent facilitators learn to balance their desire to help others, with the knowledge that people learn best when they discover the answers themselves.

Facilitators are also trained to provide a fifteen minute coaching session for the participants on their team. Facilitators learn to help participants identify what they are trying to change in their lives and careers and some next steps that will lead them toward those goals.

Facilitator Role and Responsibilities

Facilitators must know the Shift curriculum inside and out, be friendly but firm, open and engaging. Facilitator roles and responsibilities:

  • Attend AIR Shift Facilitator training.
  • Participate in pre-workshop orientation for each Shift workshop contracted to facilitate.
  • Attend entire Shift workshop.
  • Serve as facilitator for a group of up to 9 participants.
  • Present sections of the workshop curriculum to the full participant group.
  • Provide 15 minute one on one coaching sessions for up to 9 participants.
  • Participate in workshop debriefs for each Shift workshop contracted to facilitate. 
  • Engage in the curriculum refinement process
  • Attend required training.

Certified facilitators receive updates and refresher trainings throughout the year as required and needed. Due to the rigor of our ongoing training we may require facilitators to commit to facilitating a minimum number of workshops each year.

Application Process

Prospective Facilitators should reach out to your state contact. Each state has their own process and timing for selecting facilitators. Submit your application below:

AIR facilitators will be paid a fee determined by each State. Travel expenses will be covered by when necessary (everything will be explicitly contracted). You will receive notification of acceptance into the training program from your state leaders. Facilitators must attend all three days of the AIR Facilitator Training before being certified to facilitate a Shift Workshop.