We connect people who normally never meet.

And magic happens.

AIR is committed to providing support that will increase the long-term success and sustainability of talented artists, their businesses, and organizations. This means increasing incomes at higher than average rates, creating jobs, stimulating community involvement and volunteerism in activities assisting artists, and promoting the regions’ creative economy as a key piece of any economic development strategy—an important factor in a healthy, vibrant economy.

Now artists are quitting their day jobs, reporting higher revenues than ever in their careers and business people want this artist-created curriculum because it works.

AIR will play a strategic role in building arts and culture as an economic engine and help to develop your community into a vibrant arts and culture region by:

  • Increasing the capacity, growth, and professionalism of your existing arts and culture industry
  • Attracting artists, arts and entertainment businesses, and arts students by offering unique educational programs attached to real-world career paths, internship opportunities, and a strong creative workforce
  • Creating a regional identity that draws artists, visitors, arts funders, and patrons, fostering local pride that encourages participation in arts and culture programming.

We use detailed surveys to gather feedback on the quality of our programming and to track the progress of our participants. Our programs are still new, but we can report on our first workshops and cohorts.

Shift Participants Report that their:

Networks have grown by 44%
Morale is 43% higher
Productivity is up by 35%

Evolve Participants

87% report increased revenues
20% start new businesses

What people are saying:

Alvin Acosta

AIR programs are very unique in terms of approaching things from a collaborative perspective as opposed
to the competitive aspect. What typically drives business is to compete, and what’s driving this process is to collaborate.

Alvin Acosta, Business Consultant
Jennifer Ivanovic

“An inspiring combination of resources: thought-provoking classes, excel worksheets that can be tailored to my specifications, links to essential productivity apps & resources, individual coaching to resolve personal mental blocks and much more.”

Jennifer Ivanovic, Visual Artist
Jan Harrison

The AIR Shift Workshop clearly shows that art and business are only better together. I now have the confidence and practical skills to begin a new creative venture and will also bring this inspiration to my current job.

Jan Harrison, High School Administrator
Kristen Savage

“The AIR Evolve program has helped me create an organized and comprehensive master plan. I finally took the leap to become a full-time artist and am now channeling my energy and see the wealth of opportunities ahead.”

Kristen Savage, Visual Artist