Outreach Coordinator and PR Specialist for Waco Civic Theatre

Five Words About Me:

Whimsical, dramatic, logophile, photographer, determined

One Surprising Skill:

Second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do

Clarissa is the Diversity Outreach Coordinator and PR Specialist for the Waco Civic Theatre. As the first in this role, the shoes to fill are infinitely large and the world is magnificently wide. Her goal is to represent the Waco area in every manner at the theatre. She feels very strongly about the importance of seeing yourself represented in the media you consume, whether you realize it or not. As a Latina growing up in San Antonio, she was surrounded by her culture but never saw it in pop culture the way she experienced it- as normal. She wants to share stories that normalize every walk of life and encourage others to put themselves out there when they don’t see it happening. You shouldn’t need to go far to see the importance you have in your community.

Clarissa has a degree in Journalism, with a minor in Media Management, from Baylor University. Her passion lies in stories, stemming from a lifelong love of comics and musicals.