Social Practice Artist

Five Words About Me:

Attentive, instigative, imaginative, innovative, conversationalist

One Surprising Skill:

During a global pandemic, Jessica can parent her child, work countless hours a week on zoom, walk the dog, and feed the hamster. All this while defending the Oxford comma; a shape, space, and function she remains dedicated to employing.

Jessica is a performer, theater-maker, teacher, and facilitator. She is the artistic director of MICHA, the Michael Chekhov Association; a multigenerational, international group of performing artists and educators who value the creative individual and a psychophysical approach.

Once, Jessica opened a production of “Antigone” in a rural American town the day after Donald Trump was elected. In response she directed the actors in facilitating small-group, post-show dialogue to interrogate the questions raised by Sophokles and the current socio-political climate. Decades prior, when she was a little girl, a neighborhood mother leaned in to tell her she didn’t have to say everything out loud that she was thinking in her head. Jessica has been hard at work sorting out which thoughts belong where ever since.