Deputy Mayor, Campbell County, Tennessee

Five Words About Me:

One Surprising Skill:


I have been a public servant my entire adult life. My desire is to share my experiencesand continue to be a help to my community. I think my life experiences, professional and private; success and failure, but the ability to work with others with a common goal. I have many interests including gardening and,with my wife, preserving and canning vegetables, I enjoy cooking. I built my house in 2001, subcontractingsome of the work, but completing a large portion of it myself, including landscaping. I enjoy wood working and prefer working with reclaimed wood, barn wood and tobacco sticks. I just completed a bowl turning class. My wife and I make and paint decorations. I was born in Appalachia, in the hills of East Tennessee, in extreme poverty, where the mountain people survived off the land and being creative often included building, soil management and preparation, quilt making, seamstress, fashioning tools and helping your neighbors. I am an ordained Baptist preacher and I pastor a Baptist church.