Artist and Teacher

Five Words About Me:

Creative, sarcastic, observant, slightly over-enthusiastic.

One Surprising Skill:

I can pull a perfect pint of Guinness

Lora Mahaffey has been an artist most of her life and a teacher of art in various ways for twenty five years. She taught confectionery art at The University of Alaska, Anchorage where she owed a bakery specializing in hand carved, decorated cakes. In 2005, Lora appeared on a Food Network Challenge competition where she earned first place. Her wedding cakes have appeared in Martha Stewart Magazine and Alaska Weddings Magazine. She has a degree in art history with a minor in medieval studies and has lived, studied and traveled extensively in the UK. These days, Lora works primarily as an artist. She designs art for two online craft supply houses and teaches art through the Reynolds Homestead and independently in her studio. Lora lives in Stuart, Virginia.