VA Shift Communities

VA Shift Communities

Trail Hands


To promote tourism and healthy lifestyles, the Patrick County Trail HANDS was developed by a team including Jim Allen, Terri Alt, Norma Bozenmayer, Mitch Sheppard, Beth Witt, Sarah Wray, Sybil Slate and Grace Helms. HANDS stands for Heritage, Art, Nature, Dreams and Stories, which the team plans to share about different communities while showcasing hiking

Patrick County, VA Barn Quilt Trail


The Patrick County Barn Quilt Trail was designed to connect with barn quilt trails in neighboring counties to promote tourism. The project was developed by a team including Ursula Allen, Travis Bunn, Deana Clark, Laura Clark, Joni Hunt, Terri Leviner, Lisa Martin, and Chelsea Raby. A series of Barn Quilt workshops have been held for

Rise & Shine Market


To provide opportunities for area youth to gain entrepreneurial skills, the Rise and Shine Market was a project developed by a team including Beth Ford, Leigh Anne Hazelwood, Matilda Hunsicker, Kim Rakes, Sally Ann Rodgers, Sarah Sheppard, Rachel Van Sutphin and Steve Swartz. The market provides an opportunity for youth ages 8 – 18 to

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