Connecticut Facilitators

Connecticut Facilitators

Summer Payne


Profession: Transformation Coach and Race Equity Strategist Five Words About Me: Imaginative, intuitive, adventurous, persistent, soulful One Surprising Skill: Summer is a mom and a transformational lifecoach focused on personal freedom and collective liberation within the African Diaspora. She helps her clients discover healthy perceptions of themselves as

Thalia Castro


Profession: Family Development Specialist at New Opportunities of Greater Torrington Five Words About Me: Bilingual, curious, nervous, adventurous, humble, honest, supportive (ok maybe more than 5) One Surprising Skill: I can multi-task in English, Spanish AND Spanglish!!!! Thalia Castro is a Family Development Specialist at New Opportunities of Greater

Virginia Flood


Profession: Writer, artist, entrepreneur Five Words About Me: Creative, supportive, adventurous, imaginative, empathetic One Surprising Skill: Making playlists Originally from Los Angeles, California, Virginia Flood moved to Connecticut as an adolescent, living primarily in New London and Hartford. Virginia’s introduction to arts was through music, literature, film, and

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