Gretchen Ruiz Ramos


Profession: Arts and Culture Administrator / Cultural Heritage Emergency Manager Five Words About Me: Artist, thalassophile, islander, dog mom One Surprising Skill: Connect with the force of the ocean through water sports including surfing, kayaking, and sailing. Gretchen is an arts and culture administrator, museums

Marda Kirn


Profession: Executive Director, EcoArts Connections Five Words About Me: Energetic, enthusiastic, connecting, Waaban Bneshiinh* *Waaban bneshiinh is my Odawa name – as I understand it, it means dawn bird, first light bird, receives and sings/sends out the first light of the morning bird (or something like that, but probably lots more mundane!)

Jeff Aguiar


Profession: Theater & Literature Program Director, North Carolina Arts Council Five Words About Me: Dreamer; collaborator; innovator; connector; overthinker One Surprising Skill: I just passed level 2000 in Candy Crush. Jeff Aguiar is an arts practitioner, administrator, and scholar. Jeff’s first encounter with crisis management

Sarah Wray


Profession: Community Engagement, Partnership & Program Manager at Reynolds Homestead, Virginia Tech Five Words About Me: Passionate, Optimistic, Empathetic, Enthusiastic One Surprising Skill: I previously owed a Yoga studio where I taught 3-4 times a week! Sarah Wray serves as the Community Engagement, Partnerships and

Silbrina Wright


Profession: Executive Director, Greater Jackson Arts Council Art & Cultural Agency in the City Five Words About Me: Empathic/Supportive/Green/Spiritual-connector/Space-maker One Surprising Skill: I have been curating a contextual system of rising strategies that enables users to trace relationships and interdependencies between issues, supporting more informed decision-making in communities of color in

Mary Eileen Fouratt


Profession: Program Officer, Community Arts, and Access, New Jersey State Council on the Arts Five Words About Me: Creative, curious, calm, collaborative, thoughtful One Surprising Skill: Deciphering and transcribing the 18th -19th century diary of Ruth Henshaw Bascom, folk artist. Mary Eileen Fouratt, Program Officer, Community

Leah Hamilton


Profession: Research and Teaching Assistant, Department of Arts Administration, University of Kentucky Five Words About Me: Curious, Eager, Kind, Creative, Go-Getter One Surprising Skill: Ich kann Deutsch. (I can speak German.) In 2014, Leah's dear friend and fellow arts manager experienced a tragic active shooter

Kerry Kennedy


Profession: Arts Professional Five Words About Me: thoughtful/knowledgeable/tenacious/grateful/persistent One Surprising Skill: I’m a great swimmer. I hold a BA in Psychology and a MA in Art History, Museum Studies focus. My primary goal is to provide audiences access to Arts Based, Community Development Projects. My

Jessyca Holland


Profession: Director of Organization and Community Initiatives, South Arts Five Words About Me: witty, intellectual, nurturing, curious, and earthy. One Surprising Skill: Can read a dog's body language well. Jessyca has over twenty years of experience working in the arts and culture field. In 2010,

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