Prototyping, Testing, & Refining


Help is on the way! Now that you have your whole project mapped out, you’re going to share with another team. This isn’t exactly a prototyping exercise, but it is direct feedback and time for reflection and refinement. Use your Canvas to share your project and the details. You will not be judged for

Operations: Budget, Staffing, & Timeline


Now it’s time to put it all together—dig into the logistics of how your project will actually happen. What will it cost? What can you fundraise or earn for revenues? How will you staff it— consultants, paid staff, or volunteers? This work will likely significantly Shift your project. You will discover that your project

Marketing Goals & Strategy


Marketing is the conversation you have with your audience or customer. But it’s very difficult to talk with everyone. It’s much easier to talk with smaller groups who have something in common. You can be more directed in your conversation. Target markets are just subgroups of your large, potential audience that you decide are

Research – Refining Your Project


Now that you have the basics of your Community Collaboration project, it’s time to learn more about what it can become. This is the Ideation stage of the Design Thinking process. The goal is to learn more about the people you’re hoping to serve or impact. Determine if there are others doing a similar

Brainstorming, Consensus, & Building the Project


This is the most challenging exercise of the workshop. Your team will achieve consensus — you will brainstorm and then refine your ideas into an actual Community Collaboration Project that you all agree to work on together. This is not easy work. And the design process is not easy. The design process allows us to

Right Brain Strength Training


All of us want be more creative—on command. Sometimes we forget that creativity comes in many forms and disguises. The inspirational burst is very different from the iterative refinement process. Scientists and researchers are learning that being creative is not relegated to one side of our brain—right-brained versus left-brained is no longer a safe

Team Building


The heart of the Shift Workshop is learning how to work well with a team that includes people who have different personalities, skills, motivations, and mental models. The goal is to find some common ground—wanting a deep connection between art, business, and community— that allows the group to use everyone’s different skills to make

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