Shift Workshop

Shift Workshop

Licensing & Intellectual Property


One of the most challenging tasks for creative people is establishing value for our work. Everyone has a different mental model that influences how we feel about money and value. And everyone has a different definition of success. We are all looking for more ways to feel stable, safe, comfortable, and creative. But some struggle

Individual Coaching Session


You will have a fifteen minute coaching session with your Facilitator to help you identify action steps for moving forward with your own personal goals. Depending on the scheduled time of your session, you may be able to share your personal Shift Statement, Action Plan or other things you are thinking about related to either

Prototyping, Testing, & Refining


Help is on the way! Now that you have your whole project mapped out, you’re going to share with another team. This isn’t exactly a prototyping exercise, but it is direct feedback and time for reflection and refinement. Use your Canvas to share your project and the details. You will not be judged for

Operations: Budget, Staffing, & Timeline


Now it’s time to put it all together—dig into the logistics of how your project will actually happen. What will it cost? What can you fundraise or earn for revenues? How will you staff it— consultants, paid staff, or volunteers? This work will likely significantly Shift your project. You will discover that your project

Marketing Goals & Strategy


Marketing is the conversation you have with your audience or customer. But it’s very difficult to talk with everyone. It’s much easier to talk with smaller groups who have something in common. You can be more directed in your conversation. Target markets are just subgroups of your large, potential audience that you decide are

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