One of the most challenging tasks for creative people is establishing value for our work. Everyone has a different mental model that influences how we feel about money and value. And everyone has a different definition of success. We are all looking for more ways to feel stable, safe, comfortable, and creative. But some struggle to find a comfort level between being creative, running a business, and selling out. Talking about the pros and cons of reproducing creative work will spur new ideas about how to have a creative career.

As an artist, do you have skills that are not directly related to your craft that could be useful to businesses? Are you comfortable having someone else reproduce your work so that more people can afford your talent? Can you imagine self- publishing or launching your own label? Are there people in your community who need commercial music to help express their brand or product?

As a businessperson, how can you access your creativity or work with creatives to stimulate new products, markets, or revenues? Can you use the design-thinking process to break business habits that aren’t working anymore? Can you specialize in serving creatives with your skills and expertise?

Key Competencies

  • The paradigm Shift
  • Business Planning
  • Revenue & Fun Development
  • Sales
  • Legal

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