Community Collaboration Project


With your Collaboration Team and AIR Facilitator, create a project or program that embodies the Paradigm Shift. Your solution should engage art, business, government, and education sectors and should reach a non-local audience. You will work as a team to complete a project plan that includes goals, audience, partners, budget, staffing plan, timeline, and marketing

Art Builds Business Builds Art


Our mental models influence how we view art, creativity, business, and community. We all have misconceptions about art and business, as well as about left- and right-brain thinking models. In order for the Shift to truly take place, everyone has to challenge their mental models. Art and business are better together. Key Competencies

Who Are We?


A key to increasing the value of creativity in our communities is finding common ground between normally unconnected groups so new collaborations can flourish. We can all help promote collaboration by becoming good listeners and better communicators. Remembering that we are not all alike, that we have different ways of processing information, thinking and

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